Maltese medicine

About Us

As we have entered the new millennium the Healthcare system rapidly winds its way through an accelerating series of changes. Our healthcare professionals have worked with pride to help International Clinic grow and change.

The community we serve is rapidly expanding as is the range of medical services needed to render comprehensive healthcare for this larger population base.

Serving our patients allows us to support diversity of specialties and subspecialties offering the highest level of consistent courteous and comprehensive healthcare services that would match with the needs, satisfaction and expectation of our community.

As a new voice in healthcare, our medical 5ta would be dedicated to serve our patients by providing them with complete range of high standard and distinguished healthcare services.

Our Vision

In International Clinic, we aspire to be the Private Healthcare Facility recognized for setting the standard for excellence and responsiveness in the Malta region.

We aim at being desired and chosen by the masses for the provision of high quality healthcare services due to our excellent service, modern facility and latest technology equipment, skilled and compassionate staff and very friendly athome environment.

Our Mission

Our unswerving mission entails provision of highest quality comprehensive healthcare services in a caring, friendly, efficient and cost effective manner that represent value to our patients, while at the same time sustaining their needs and expectations for the well being of the community.

We aspire to provide a positive work environment that promotes respect among staff, empower our staff and encourage them to achieve their full potential.

Our Values

Our values represent the guiding principles that bind International Clinic and its staff and govern our daily actions. Excellence means providing services in a superior approach and exceeding the highest expectations of those we serve.

Compassion means being aware of and responsive to physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual needs of others, reciprocating in a considerate manner, and respecting dignity and value of each person. Integrity means performing activities which are morally right, and being honest in our manner of conduct with others.

Efficiency means conducting our daily activities in the most competent, productive, and cost effective manner. Creativity means developing new, innovative ways to serve the community as we adapt to our changing environment. Leadership means continuously seeking opportunities and taking the initiative to work in and with the community.