The skin can be regarded as a reflection of our body and our health status. Every second person in the world, sooner or later in life, confronts with skin diseases, which are often characterized by great discomfort and deterioration in appearance. That is the reason why the dermatological issues are so important and topical.

Dermatology is a branch of medicine dealing with the study of skin structure and function, its diseases, their therapy, diagnostics and prevention. Modern medicine counts about 20,000 kinds of skin diseases, varying in their complexity and character. Timely visit to a dermatologist can make your further treatment easier and lead to a faster recovery.

Fortunately, nowadays, dermatology has leaped forward. With the help of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods it has become possible to determine precisely the causes and type of illness, to forecast its possible complications and consider the effective prevention. The correct diagnosis is often the leading factor in treatment of skin diseases.

Specialists of the Dermatology Department of network of clinics conduct a comprehensive examination and treatment of various skin diseases. At most, the patients need to visit dermatologist in case of such skin disorders:

Athlete's foot, etc.

One of the most common and complex skin diseases is psoriasis, which affects vast areas of the skin. In severe cases, nails and joints can also be affected. Psoriasis can develop in both men and women regardless of age. The disease manifests with pink spots with sharp edges, covered with furfurs of silvery-white color. The rash is accompanied by itching and appears on any skin area with predominant localization on the scalp, knee, elbow and other parts of the body.

If you see warning signs – rashes, itching, peeling, hair loss, change of nail plates' shape and color, you urgently need to seek medical advice of a dermatologist. If you are putting off the visit to the dermatologist at the distant future, think about the fact, that the state of skin is the most important factor shaping our appearance. Professional therapists of offer a wide range of medical services in the field of dermatology. After careful examination of the patient, our specialist will determine the nature, causes, stage of disease, prescribe the most effective course of treatment and will give you professional consultation and advice on skin care.

In clinic you will be offered an efficient treatment, including the combined therapy with a set of specially designed medicaments, in particular, the Dead Sea skin care products, containing no hormones and immunosuppressive agents. Another significant advantage of our clinic is a possibility to have a consultation with other medical specialists, if it is required.