Day hospital

Day hospital

Day hospital in the clinic Full-fledged treatment without hospitalization in a day hospital is an opportunity to get qualified medical care without interruption from everyday life. In most hospitals, patients are forced to pay a round-the-clock hospital stay. In a day hospital you will receive all the necessary medical care and will be able to return to your daily activities.

Indications for day hospital

The day hospital of the clinic The day hospital is the best option for the treatment of diseases of almost the whole organism:

Nervous system;
of cardio-vascular system;
Respiratory system;
gastrointestinal tract;
Urinary and reproductive system;
Skin diseases.

The day hospital is ideal for the treatment of chronic diseases, in the case of a slow flow of the disease. It is also convenient to undergo prophylaxis and health promotion measures in the day hospital.

In a day hospital it is convenient to undergo a course of rehabilitation after surgery, illness or injury. In the day hospital department of the clinic

Patients are after such procedures as:

HAL-RAR (removal of hemorrhoids in 1 session);
Laser treatment of varicose veins (endovenous laser coagulation);
Endoscopic examinations (gastroscopy, colonoscopy);
Urological operations (treatment of phimosis, varicocele, dropsy testicles).

Equipping a day hospital

In the day hospital

A wide range of diagnostic examinations is available for the patient:

Blood tests, urine tests;
Colonoscopy and others.

In the day hospital you will receive all the necessary medication, including intramuscular and intravenous injections and droppers. Day clinic
Advantages of a day hospital

To go through treatment in a day hospital is much easier, more convenient and cheaper than going to a hospital. With just a few hours a day, you get all the necessary medical care under the supervision of qualified doctors, but you still have time for family, work and other worries of everyday life.

To undergo a full-fledged treatment, avoiding the inconvenience of hospitalization, contact the day clinic

Outbound services

Outbound services
Taking care of your health should not take a lot of time. Family, work and the desire to at least rest a little put aside the health problems in the background. Because often a visit to the clinic for examination by a doctor or examination does not have enough time. Especially for you a medical network Offers the provision of on-site medical services.
Medical services on the road

Not all examinations or procedures must necessarily take place within the walls of the clinic. Some of them are possible, and in some cases it is advisable to hold them, summoning the necessary specialist to the house.

Especially for you we offer:

Emergency medical care;
Departure of the therapist to the house;
Departure of the pediatrician to the house;
Departure of the doctor of a narrow profile;
Departure of a nurse;
Collection of laboratory tests at home;
ECG removal;
Day hospital at home.

The emergency teams leaving for the call are formed from highly qualified specialists. At their disposal are modern reanimobiles, equipped with a defibrillator, an artificial lung ventilation device and all the necessary equipment for effective on-site assistance and careful patient delivery to the hospital.
Manipulation at home

If for some reason you can not leave your home to consult a doctor, the right specialist will come to your house. In most cases, a therapist, pediatrician or family doctor is consulted at home. If necessary, you can go to the house and a specialist of a narrow profile.

A doctor at home can:

To conduct an inspection and indicate an algorithm for further action;
Make the blockade;
remove sutures;
Treat wounds;
Carry out detoxification;
Remove the gypsum.

A nurse, when leaving the house, can provide the following medical services:

Injections (intramuscular, subcutaneous, intradermal, intravenous);
To put a dropper;
Apply a compress.

All manipulations are carried out according to the prescription of the clinic physician and without it are impossible. At home, it is also possible to take tests and remove ECG (electrocardiograms).
Advantages of on-site services

Medical services on the road provided by the medical network , Were developed to provide the fastest, most comfortable, but at the same time effective medical care to our patients.

You can order specialists to visit the house if the malaise does not allow visiting the doctor; If you do not have time to go to the clinic; To eliminate the stress factor (for impressionable children or the elderly, visiting a clinic during an illness can be an additional stress).

Visit of the pediatrician to the house is advisable in time